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Colored Window Film
Colored Window Film

The largest selection of colored window tint in Minnesota.  All of our colored window films are made from polyester colored window tint not vinyl which gives your windows a true "colored glass" look.  Colored window tint is sold as an installed window film or on the roll for do-it-yourself projects.  


 Color Selection Chart

 straw.jpg  Peach    23 Light Cyan.jpg Light Cyan    33 Mint Green.jpg Mint Green 
 2 peach.jpg  Straw  24 Light Aqua.jpg Light Aqua  34 Celedon.jpg  Celedon
3 sunburst.jpg  Sunburst  25 Aqua.jpg  Aqua  35 Lime Green.jpg  Lime Green
 5 flame.jpg  Flame  455 Teal.jpg  Teal  36 Grass Green.jpg Grass Green
 6 popsicle.jpg  Popsicle  26 Mercedes Blue.jpg Mercedes Blue  37 Seafoam.jpg  Seafoam
 7 fire red.jpg  Fire Red  27 Blue Fog.jpg Blue Fog  38 Kelly Green.jpg  Kelly Green
 8 cherry red.jpg  Cherry Red  29 Azure Blue.jpg Morning Blue  39 Shamrock.jpg  Shamrock
 9 rich red.jpg  Rich Red  29 Azure Blue.jpg  Azure Blue  40 Peacock.jpg  Peacock
 11 Lipstick.jpg  Lipstick  30 Blight Blue.jpg  Bright Blue  51 Green Ice.jpg  Green Ice (metallic)
 12 Blush.jpg  Blush  31 True Blue.jpg True Blue  44 Solar Bronze.jpg Solar Bronze
 13 Mauve.jpg  Mauve  32 Midnight Blue.jpg Midnight Blue  45 Light Bronze.jpg  Light Bronze
 14 Flamingo Pink.jpg  Flamingo Pink  50 Blue Ice.jpg  Blue Ice (metallic)  46 Bronze.jpg   Bronze
 15 Bengal Pink.jpg  Bengal Pink  41 Fog.jpg  Fog  47 Light Brown.jpg  Light Brown
 16 Orchid.jpg  Orchid  42 Granite.jpg  Granite  48 Golden Brown.jpg  Golden Brown
 17 Raspberry.jpg Raspberry  43 Charcoal.jpg  Charcoal  49 Chocolate.jpg  Chocolate
 18 Light Magenta.jpg   Light Magenta Colored window films can be ordered as an installed product or by the roll for do-it-yourself projects.  There is a minumum order of 5 linear feet for roll film
 19 Magenta.jpg  Magenta
 20 Lavender.jpg  Lavender
 21 Light Purple.jpg  Light Purple
 22 Grape.jpg  Grape
 23 Dark Purple.jpg  Dark Purple

Installation available in the Twin Cities Minneapolis - St Paul metro area.  DIY film rolls are sold throughout North America.